Friday, April 20, 2012

Real Simple:  869 new uses for old things by the editors of Real Simple

Real Simple 869 New Uses for Old Things: An Encyclopedia of Innovative Ideas for Everyday Items

"In this age of reduce/reuse/recyle, New Uses for Old Things is the original green idea.  Introduced in the monthly magazine, in 2002, when our editors revealed how to use dental floss to neatly cut soft cheese, slice eggs, and even truss a chicken, New Uses for Old Things has served as a sort of beacon for staff members and readers alike.  It has "smart," "surprising," and "good for the earth" all wrapped up into one.  What more could you want?  And in case you're wondering whether it's easy to come up with those clever ideas month in and month out:  It's not."

The folks at Real Simple magazine never seem to run out of good ideas to live a simpler, more earth-friendly life.  This book, aptly subtitled, "an encyclopedia of innovative ideas for everyday items", acts as a daily resource for those who wish to live their lives with less stuff.  Repurposing items is a worthwhile venture for those of use who want to leave less of a footprint on this world.  The creativity really shines in this reference manual, where new uses are found for paper clips, clothespins, dental floss and a myriad of other everyday items.  The handbook is alphabetically organized, which is great if you want to find what particular tools will do a certain job.  However, if you're in the middle of a project and need to know which tool to use, there is no cross-reference guide.  That could be a helpful addition.  Overall, this publication would be a great gift for new homeowners, college students, homeschoolers, or anyone who appreciates finding innovative uses for everyday items.

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