Monday, April 23, 2012

Homemade Laundry Detergent

I've been wanting to make laundry detergent
for quite some time now.
It's one of our goals toward becoming more self-sufficient.


A few simple ingredients can be found most anywhere.

The Zote soap was a huge bar, so it was cut in half.

Measure out the Borax and Washing Soda
(1 C of each)

The Zote soap was grated first,
then whizzed in the food processor.
A few drops of essential oils is  an optional addition.

One tablespoon per load should do the trick.
The container was dated,
so that I can see how long this batch lasts.
**Update:  This amount made 1 month's worth,
which is approximately 20-24 loads.**

I'm gettin' to feel like a real homesteader...
with a modern twist.

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  1. We love our homemade laundry soap. When I am feeling a bit spendy I buy the Dr. Bronners peppermint bar and use that. It gives a lovely scent to the laundry. We have been using the homemade soap for about 6 years now, and I love it!

  2. I also have been wanting to try this. With 4 children still at home, I bet it would be smart to. How about cute containers to give as gifts.....?

  3. Congratulations on another successful Do it yourself :)

  4. Love it! And it looks so easy too! Thanks for sharing and let us know how it cleans your laundry.

  5. I wish you luck with your soap, Daisy. I found it didn't quite get the ground in dirt out of my hubby's work clothes, but I imagine if I pretreated, it would solve that.

  6. I've resisted making homemade laundry soap because my front loaders say you should use special soap. Does the homemade soap work in your machines?

  7. *giggle* I made a post about the same exact thing today! :-)

  8. So this is okay to use for a front-loader? That was always my question. I'm anxious to see how you like it!

  9. I am curious about using it in a front loader as well. Is the Zote bar soap unscented? Is that why you use the essential oil? For a scent? I too am curious about how long one batch will last you.~Ames

  10. Heather-Yeah, I don't see ever going back to commercial brands.
    Love Dr. Bronner's!

    Darla-Great idea! I thought about selling it at the farmer's market, but don't have time to pursue that right now.

    Jane-Thank you, oh DIY mentor...

    Homesteading Quest-Thanks! Love the smell!

    Nancy-Fortunately, we don't have too much of that here.

    Shasha Kidd-Front loaders require low-sudsing detergent. This stuff fits the bill.

    That One Girl-You did a great job! ;0)

    Kim-So far, so good! It smells so fresh! And just think of all the money you'd be saving so you could buy fabric and stuff for your new homestead!

    Ames-The Zote soap has a mild scent, so I didn't add any essential oils. Some folks like more of a scent, but we're simple folk!

  11. I've tried several recipes.. I really like the looks of yours and the method! I will give it a try. I have at least two bars of Zote packed with my detergent-making supplies :) Love the idea of putting a date on it too! -Tammy

  12. Tammy-I will post an update once we get to the bottom of the supply.
    Hope you enjoy this recipe!

  13. This is on my to-do list as well. I'm waiting for the semester to be over, so I have a bit more time. It's hard to be a homesteader and a student at the same time. :)

  14. karenish-It really took no time at all. No doubt there is a lot to do on a homestead.

  15. I made my first batch a few months ago and I am hooked. It's gentle on my skin and clothes and cleans well. I just made my first batch of liquid hand soap today and I really like it too. Who knew making these things was so inexpensive? Great idea to date the package. I feel like I a becoming a homesteader too, little by little. I am learning the skills my grandparents took for granted. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Heidi-I know what you mean! It feels so good to do for yourself. Enjoy your homesteading endeavors!


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