Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Bloomin' Tuesday!

As spring progresses,
we seem to be blessed
with more and more color in the garden.
Come take a stroll...


bachelor's button

native salvia

blue-eyed grass

got these from Leslie at TakaNapa Farm

native petunia

Like these?  Read this.

native milkweed

these host cats



Meems shared these seeds with me

maple tree


society garlic


morning glory on bean tepee



black-eyed susan

Hope you have some of your favorite colors
popping up in your neck of the woods.

Enjoy your Bloomin' Tuesday, y'all!


  1. I just love your lantana. I've always wanted to try it, but wonder if it would find our chilly summer nights agreeable. They might need sweaters-LOL!

  2. Very nice. You will soon be hosting Monarchs.....I posted cornflowers too or BB.

  3. Oh and I have always loved Grandpa Ott's Morning Glory.

  4. Daisy, I love the blue-eyed grass and salvia, as well as the native milkweed (we know it as "tropical" milkweed where I live, for you see, it is not native to my area!), and the lantana. I grow lantana too but it is an annual here. Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a sweet comment.
    Blessings, Beth

  5. I love milkweed. We had a great milkweed plant at the last house and it was just getting bigger and prettier. I miss it!

  6. Wow! you have so many wonderful plants in bloom now. I love the Gaillardia and the native Petunia. Blue Eyed grass is so pretty with its little blue blooms. I had a volunteer come up in my garden and I was so excited about it. LOL! Have a lovely week.

  7. So much beautiful color! The morning glory shots are truly amazing! Your garden must be glorious. Jean

  8. Sue-They don't like the cold!

    Darla-I didn't know they were also called cornflowers.

    Beth-I always enjoy seeing your beautiful garden.

    Kim-I wonder if they tolerate your cold winters.

    Lona-Thanks! Glad you found something you like!

    Jean-Thank you for your kind words.

  9. Hi Daisy, I just came from Sue's blog, where I was not able to leave a comment, and she was way behind us. You are way ahead. I am so excited to get to where you are. Still, I am enjoying the unfolding of spring here.

    I have one clump of blue eyed grass, and am glad to see yours is still blooming. I saw some more at our local hardware store. Maybe I'll get another clump of it.

    I transplanted some of my wild petunia into the new planting area. It seems to be doing OK. The rain we've had has helped everything I've moved around.

  10. Corner Gardener Sue-I can't wait to see more pix of your garden. You have an amazing variety!

  11. Homesteading Quest-Thanks for visiting!


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