Sunday, April 22, 2012

It's Earth Day!

Here we are at Earth Day once again.
Truly one of my favorite days of the year.
It's important to take time each day
to think of our Mother Earth,
but if this one day is a day when someone decides
to start making a difference,
it's all good...

Here are some practices that we keep
to do our part in appreciating our Mother.

1.  Buy only what you need.
This seems to be forgotten when folks get caught up in
keeping up with the Joneses.
You really don't need a lot of stuff to fill your life up.
In fact, too many material objects, IMO,
detract from living a quality life.

2.  Buy used when you can.
We frequent thrift stores and yard sales.
We also pass on gently-used items
so that others can enjoy something we no longer need.

3.  Condense errands to one day per week.
Whenever possible, make your treks into town
for groceries, banking, or library visits on the same day.
You'll save fuel and help keep the air cleaner.

4.  Pay bills online.
It's easy to sign up for payments online for
water, utilities, or credit cards.
Banking can be done from the comfort
of your home office or kitchen.
We also order our library books online,
and they are delivered free of charge by snail mail.

5.  Plant a shade tree in the yard.
This easy task can help save money on electric bills,
while adding beauty to your property
and increasing air quality.

6.  Grow some of your own food.
Even if it's just a few tomato plants on a patio,
or some herbs on your kitchen window,
tending your own garden is good for body,
soul and wallet!

7.  Unplug it if you're not using it.
This saves money on your utility bill
because appliances draw energy,
even when not in use.

8.  Use rain barrels for garden watering.
We use the water from our 3 rain barrels
almost exclusively
for all outdoor and indoor plants.

A small change in the way you think about
daily practices can add up to a big difference
for Mother Earth.


  1. Everyone seems to think small changes don't matter, but really, they do. You multiply the effects by 300,000,000 people--THAT'S a LOT!
    Happy Earth Day to you, Daisy!

  2. We've gotten some nice rain the last 2 days filling up our rain barrels. Hope you did too. I think plants like the rainwater so much more than what they get from the sprinklers. But, with a large garden I resort to sprinklers too during the really dry times. Every little bit of conservation helps.

  3. Nice reminders Daisy! Gosh I really need to get rain barrels going...

  4. Very good ideas and Happy Earth Day to you too Daisy.

  5. Great tips and Happy Earth Day!

  6. Happy Earth Day Daisy and thanks for sharing your earth-friendly tips.

  7. Sue-I couldn't agree with you more. ;0)

    NanaK-The plants definitely notice the difference between rain and other water sources. Everything looks so green!

    tami-You'll be glad you did!

    Jane-Hope you had a good day and didn't work too hard!

    Susan-Hope you had a great weekend and enjoyed the rain.


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