Monday, April 9, 2012

Bathroom Project

In our last house,
we shared a bathroom with Lil' Guy.
So, it probably goes without saying that
we really enjoy the master bathroom now.
It's spacious, has plenty of storage
and there's a ton of light in there,
despite the fact that it faces north.

One of the things we are working on before summer
is to repair or update just a few things around here
so that we can have an easier time selling our home quickly.
It's important to feel that we are leaving our home
in the best possible condition for the next owner.
It's just the right thing to do.
We're ready to move on...

One of the projects to tackle is the tile around the shower.

We think it was not properly grouted at the get-go,
because it gets cleaned weekly and this still happened.
Mildew in the grout lines.
I tried so many different ways to clean the mildew to no avail. 

It just wouldn't come clean.
The only solution was to regrout.
Having never done any kind of restoration project myself,
it was a bit intimidating.

A You Tube tutorial was found here.
These items were purchased at our local big box store.

The first step is to scrape all of the grout out of the grout lines.
Then you add the grout (I bought the already mixed kind).
Wipe it down with a large damp, sponge
and after waiting a day, add a sealer.

Here's how it turned out.
It was easier than I thought.

The shower looks much better
and now I can work on the next project
so we can sell our house and skedaddle!
Oh, and our next home will not have hexagonal tile in the shower!

The other two projects are cleaning the carpet
and replacing a kitchen cabinet that had water damage.
I'll feature posts on them as they are completed.
Then the house can be listed with a clear conscience.

What projects are you working on?