Friday, April 6, 2012

Bok Tower Sanctuary

It's been a while since we visited Bok Tower.

Since Mimi (my mom) has been staying with us,
I've been wanting to take her to Bok Sanctuary.
She used to love gardening,
and she's had a very difficult time adjusting to living here,
so I thought it might cheer her a bit.
We weren't disappointed.

Love this color combo!

Look at this amazing wall of air plants!

It was a wonderful stroll.
We even managed to arrive just as
the carillon concert was going on.
I think Mimi felt just a bit better after our tour.
What a blessing a garden can be.

For those who observe Easter,
enjoy your holiday.
Have a stupendous weekend, y'all!


  1. The garden looks beautiful! No wonder everyone felt better after touring through it :) That wall of air plants was really something, I wonder if they have to mist them occasionally or if they just flourish all on their own? Enjoy your weekend too!

  2. Bok is definitely one of my all-time favorite places. Thanks for sharing what's going on in their gardens this time of year. I'm sure your mom enjoyed being outside in such a beautiful place and sharing it all with you.

  3. We love Bok Tower. We are planning another day trip and this time going to the town of Auburndale. Last trip was to St. Cloud. I am sure we will work our way back to Bok Tower.~Ames

  4. katy-I'll bet they do fine without any care, as we see them in trees and power lines all around this area.
    Hope Little M & hubby are feeling better so y'all can enjoy your weekend.

    NanaK-It is healing, isn't it?

    Ames-Sounds like you're doing a lot of traveling these days! Safe travels...


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