Thursday, April 19, 2012

One Simple Thing-Hang It Up

Something that many people don't consider is
using the vertical space available to get things off of the floor.
It's one of the simplest things you can do
to make a room feel more spacious.
Use whatcha got!

Keys and outgoing mail next to the garage door
are easily visible and out of the way.

Someone made a hat rack for Lil' Guy using nothing but
a piece of wood and some simple clamps.

I've praised this storage increaser before.

The inside of cabinets is a great place to use shelving.

Simple double hooks can use the space behind a door.

The bubble wrap muffles any noise
and keeps the stepstool from scratching the paint.
Not glamorous, but it works.

The master bathroom had no place for towels
next to the shower.
This was an easy solution.

No excuse for wet towels on the floor!

Originally, Lil' Guy's Lego storage bins
were on the floor in a big stack.

Hung on the wall, they are at eye level
and the bonus is that he now has more floor space
for creating his masterpieces.
***See our Lego storage update here.***

One Simple Thing


  1. What a clever idea for storing the legos!

  2. Very clever ideas. I love the legos sorted by color!

  3. I also love the bubble wrap idea for noise muffling Daisy! so cheap & smart!

  4. Sue-We live outside the box, so we enjoy using our creativity.

    Darla-The boy needs to find stuff in a hurry for his creations!

    Jane-Thanks! We use what we have.

    katy-Thank you!

  5. Homesteading Quest-Thanks. We're still tweaking it.

  6. These are all great space saving tips. My hubby is working on spice shelves for inside my new pantry doors. Thanks for sharing these great ideas.

  7. Heidi-Enjoy your newfound space!

  8. Love the bubble wrap idea! I always wonder what to do with that stuff, I hate just tossing it.

    1. Most of it is recyclable, but I prefer finding uses for it.


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