Friday, May 3, 2013

The Petunia Project

As part of the blue garden transition,
these sweet native petunias are being used to line 
the driveway and front walk.

They pop up all over, (but not in a bad way),
so it's just a matter of digging them out
and finding them a new home nearby.

They are the perfect tinge of blue.
They enjoy partial or full shade, but will tolerate some sun.

They are extremely drought-tolerant,
and have been enjoying our almost summer-like heat.

Natives are the way to go
if you want to save time, resources and money in the garden.

This particular periwinkle blue
is soothing and quite subtle.
They pair well with another native,

blue-eyed grass

A few were even added to the pots on the front porch,

as well as hanging baskets.

The blooms keep on comin' almost all year 'round.
To learn more about this beautiful native,
read this.