Friday, August 9, 2013

The Tower Tour

Last Friday, I was invited to a special event.
My friends, Faye & Lynn,
have a membership with Bok Tower in Lake Wales.

You can read about this magical place here.

I'd been here before,
but never ventured into the tower.
This is a yearly event that is by invitation only.
What an honor.

We learned about the masterful work that went into every detail 
of this amazing structure.

 The tower is known for its carillon, which plays the most ethereal music,  
in the highest part of the tower.
Each bell for the instrument was brought through an opening in this wall
and hoisted up the main lobby to be placed in the uppermost story.
It must have been quite a feat.

The only word I kept thinking of was "majestic"
to describe the detailed craftsmanship in this unique piece of artwork.

Each piece of ironwork was hand forged.

The stairwell even looks good from the bottom.

This is the oldest working Otis elevator in Florida.

The tile floor is littered with various critters native to the area.


The resting place of Edward Bok, the founder of Bok Towers and Gardens.

The lily pads in the nearby pond
are a summer staple, and they can span 6 feet in diameter.

 The gardens here are nothing short of stunning.
You can see pix from some of our past visits here and here.

I'm so glad that Edward Bok had a dream.
Even better was that he was willing and able to share it with his fellow Floridians.
It's a beautiful place to spend the day.