Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Tuesday Tidings

The heat of the summer 
isn't keepin' the blooms away.

Here's a mix of zinnias, sunflowers 
and green bean vines on the square foot garden.

The marigolds are popping up nonstop.

I really prefer the French marigolds with their variegated colors.

an homage to Mimi

The rosemary is oh-so-fragrant.
It also attracts wasps-so farmer beware!

gloriosa daisy

Inside that center bud are tons of seeds to save for another season.

Sphinx moth


morning glory ready to unfurl

Morning glory vine cascading down our lamppost

native salvia

Fortunately for us, 
last night was the perfect time to harvest this beauty.

A couple of twists and it came right off the stem.
It was ready.
But not as ready as I am to eat it today.

 This sucker was heavy!
(I think I need to replace my yard shoes.)
The last one we picked was sweet and succulent.
Nothing like homegrown!

The passion flower vine we acquired last weekend is doing its job
attracting the gulf fritillary butterflies.
 Here's one of our latest visitors.

Another was found nearby.
They are voracious eaters of this host plant.

Their eggs can often be found on these tendrils
which wind around any nearby trellis or structure.

Looks like we may have more black swallowtails on the way as well.
Love having these critters enjoy our garden.
We are stewards of Mother Nature's wonderous creatures.
All the more reason to keep things organic and pesticide-free.

The blue garden is finished, as our move north is on the horizon.
The plants used in the front of the house for this project are
native petunia, flax lily, dwarf fakahatchee grass, 
African iris, plumbego, agapanthus, rosemary, 
bulbine and asiatic jasmine.
Most have blue flowers, but a few have yellow, for a pop of brightness.

It's mighty hot out here!

Here's hoping that you can get outside and enjoy the sights.
Nature's bounty is endless.


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