Thursday, August 15, 2013

One Simple Thing-Baking Soda

Besides being used for baking your favorite treats,
baking soda has a number of helpful applications.

I usually use Bon Ami to clean sinks and tubs,
 but baking soda will do in a pinch as a substitute for scouring powder.

Every week it is used in our kitchen as a glasstop stove cleaner.
Just add a little bit of warm water and make a paste.

We sprinkle it on carpets and rugs to eliminate odors.
 (Seems like our house always smells like food.)

If you can get past the taste, it will clean your teeth.
There are many recipes out there 
to make your own toothpaste using just a few ingredients.

A small container of it is kept in the shower,
as it makes a great skin exfoliator.
My skin feels so smooth and clean after a good, gentle scrub.

We keep a dose of it in small containers around the house as a natural air freshener.
It is especially helpful in closets, where air doesn't circulate quite as much.

Just one box will supply you with a houseful of uses.

 One Simple Thing

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