Thursday, August 1, 2013

Just Be Kind

In a post last December,
we talked about participating in a chain of random kind acts
to honor those who were taken senselessly.

 Here are a few of the deeds
we've completed so far for our
Sandy Hook Kindness Chain.


Homemade muffins for my doctor
during my annual exam.

With each good deed, 
we encourage others to join in.

Taking a neighbor to lunch.

Sweet treats for the folks at the water department.

 Cleaning up litter in the neighborhood.

Some tasty morsels for Lil' Guy's doctor and staff
during his yearly check-up.

Hot coffee for the ladies who cashier in the garden department
where the doors were wide open on a cold winter day.

Passing on our produce credit to another person 
who enjoys fresh goodies from our farmer friends

I think my favorite so far has been to insert a single, crisp dollar bill
into children's books at the public library.
We might have to repeat this one because it was so much fun.
It made me smile just to think about
some young child getting set to read, and finding a surprise.

This project is something we'll continue 
after our initial commitment is over.
I'm hoping that by Lil' Guy participating in these small practices,
he can feel a sense of having a positive impact on this world,
even in the humblest of ways.

~May God bless and keep those babies and their families.~

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