Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Tuesday Tidings

The first week in August has us enjoying quite a few blooms.
And a number of  critters.

morning glory vine

morning glory bud
morning glories on light post

The strawberries did pretty well this year.
I wanted to transplant the potted plant to the ground.

Looks like it was just itchin' for more room to roam!

This lil' guy enjoyed most of the day on one of the rain barrels,
even through some torrential downpours!
Hopper's spa!!

My friend KK gave us these cute pickets she no longer needed.

I placed them separately around the back garden to frame particular areas.

We don't have a fence,
and we're hoping the HOA doesn't make a fuss.

The zinnias really like their spot on the southwest side of the yard.

sunflower bud

fading sunflower

During a special event last weekend,
I picked up a couple of passionflower vines.
We kept one and shared one with a friend.

The main reason for acquiring this plant was to host a new type of caterpiller.

This is the gulf fritillary, found mostly in states near the Gulf of Mexico,
Florida included.

These cats are heavy feeders and we're excited to be able to provide for their needs.
We'll be following these cuties on the blog, so stay tuned!

Here's our pitiful harvest of Yukon Gold potatoes.
It was our first attempt at growing white potatoes,
so I don't feel too bad.
We can only do better from here, right?!

Our salt bush trees have been housing these web-like creations.
I haven't found any critters in them yet.

These trees have been here for a few years,
and I never remember seeing these before.

A candidate to be transplanted to the blue garden out front.

The beautyberry is ripening for the birds.

We have given away quite a few black swallowtail caterpillars in the past few weeks.

It's so much fun teaching youngsters about the life cycle
of these amazing creatures.
Sometimes their parents are surprised at how much they already know!

giant zinnias

Well, hello there!

Hope you take time to stop and notice 
what Mother Nature has provided you today.