Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Givin' It Up

This weekend we spent a bit of time tidying up the garden.
As our move is now on the horizon,
the time had come to pare down our multitude of plants.

 I put an ad on Craig's List for free plants.
Along with needing to reduce the number of things growing out there,
I'm an ambassador for natives and Florida-friendly gardens.

 This African Iris was given to a young man 
who is helping his momma start her own plant shop.  
I advised him that this plant is easily divided 
and will give her at least 12 new plants.

He also took a couple of shoots from the butterfly vine.
This variety is difficult to find and is a very easy grower.

Once the pineapples shown here (the two large spiky plants) are finished fruiting,
they may also be given away.
I never thought these would get so large 
and they don't fit the space anymore.
The pallet was for a mobile lettuce garden,
but it won't end up being used now,
so I'll see if I can find anyone who needs one.

The sod here in the backyard has come back pretty well,
so we won't have to do anything to the lawn.
The curves made all the difference in the way the garden felt.

We enjoy watching the birds daily at the bird bath.
The HOA here does not allow bird baths.
Know why?

They attract birds.
Yeah. That's what the manual says. I kid you not.

 It's a good feeling to know that critters large and small 
feel comfortable here and call it home.
I hope it continues.

This sweet thing has popped up 
throughout the front and back gardens.
It has delicate pink flowers.
This is one of the freebies for those who don't need things ID'd.

The sweet potato vine is doing well 
since being transplanted last week.
Soon the teepee will be covered with tender, lavender blooms.

There are a few pops of color here and there.
 Anything that can bloom in this heat and humidity
is appreciated.

crape myrtle


The 30+ black swallowtails that were brought home 
from Farm School this weekend were also posted to Craig's List.
I thought it would be a great learning project 
for kids out of school for the summer.
I got a few takers.

We had some this tiny...

to medium-sized...

to almost ready to form their cocoon.
I think this would be a great jumping off point for Maple Hill.
We could provide local kids 
with the opportunity to host caterpillars
by supplying the plants, seeds and cats 
to start their own habitat at home.

Sounds like a plan... 

We are sad that Jean is not hosting "Bloomin' Tuesday" any longer.
We have met some wonderful gardeners through her link-up.
I am considering starting a hop of my own.
It's a treat to hear what other gardeners are doing
in other parts of the country.

Stay tuned if you're interested in joining me 
on a garden or homestead blog hop.
***Update:  The Maple Hill hop is featured each Tuesday.
Hope you'll join us with your outdoor posts!

Enjoy this day and all of its gifts.

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  1. I'm excited for your move but I know it has to be hard to leave this place. I'd love for you to do a hop.

    1. Thanks for your encouragement. It's exciting, but a little scary too.

  2. I bet you will be glad to leave all the restrictions of your HOA, even though moving can be an emotional time. I can't imagine living somewhere where even a bird bath is against the rules!! You'll be making some locals happy with those healthy beautiful plants!

    1. You KNOW we won't be buying in a deed-restricted place next time! Hope all is well with you and the new baby!

  3. Ha!!!! I laughed right out loud about the bird bath. Too funny. Your yard is just beautiful and I love the pathway. So nice that the plants went to helping someone start a business. :)

    1. Well, the birds ain't laughin'! :0) We do what we can.

  4. Wow, your plants are so gorgeous! Bleh, I hate HOAs. We've never lived in one, because of those ridiculous reasons!

    1. And we never will again-believe me! See you at the homemade living series!

  5. Wow , no bird houses because they attract birds?? :(

    1. Yeah, they don't want birds poopin' on their cars. ;0P

  6. What a beautiful way to bless others - never would have thought about craig's list. I hope your move goes well and you transition easily. But how exciting to be starting anew.

    1. Thank you for all of your kind words. Have a wonderful day!

  7. What a great idea!! To list your plants on Craig's list. Were I'm from garden clubs host fund raising plant sales -mostly in the spring.

    1. That's where I got most of my plants! ;0)

  8. It's so great that you were able to share your Florida-friendly plants and caterpillars! What a cool thing to do! And your garden sure is pretty!

    1. Thanks, Leslie. I'll be looking forward to reading about your Florida posts after we've left the state.

  9. I cannot fathom HOAs. The rules are at times ridiculous. God forbid you'd have a BIRD. That might bring in ...........birdsong. And natural pest control. And all the horrors of nature. Honestly, I wish we could put idiots like that to sleep..............................

    One of the things that attracted me to Michigan is EVERYONE hangs out there laundry here. It's a tradition in the Midwest. When we looked out west, there were so many HOAs that didn't allow that. Can you imagine the energy that would be saved in this country if more folks hung out????
    And don't get me started on rain barrels. Yea.

    I'm venting pretty early today, aren't I?

    1. Girl, you are on a roll! And I couldn't agree with you more.
      We'll never put ourselves in this predicament again. The clothesline will stay because it's cemented into the ground, but I hope the new owners use it. It's our way of fighting a ridiculous system. And I may bring our 3 rain barrels with us! Onward and upward! ;0)

    2. OMG--you better bring those rain barrels!!!!
      Good luck with your move! I hope the next place is all you dreamed.

    3. ;0) We'll see if they fit in the truck. I can always buy them up there...

  10. Very lovely there ; hard to imagine a birdbath being outlawed! :)

  11. Lovely garden you have Daisy! I'm not a fan of HOA either...Way too restricting for us homesteading farmgirls!!!
    Best to you and your family with your move... Will you be staying in Florida?

    1. Nope, we're headin' north! Thanks for stopping by.

  12. Hey, I'm a new follower from the weekend hop. Lovely! I love the agapanthus the most!

    I'd love it if you can follow me back :)


  13. We violated HOA with having chickens. So far no one has had the nerve to say anything but I have had a few requests for eggs. I love the caterpillars!


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