Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Bloomin' Tuesday

"A change in the weather 
is sufficient to recreate the world and ourselves."

-Marcel Proust

The last two weeks has given us a steady dose of rain.
The garden is very grateful,
and so am I.
Here are a few things blooming at Maple Hill.

Shasta daisy

Our first crape myrtle bloom this year



 A smattering of sunflowers is filling in the garden,
with plenty more seedlings popping up daily!

Here's a grouping of lantana, daisies and sweet potato vine.

The teepee was supposed to support our Calabaza pumpkins,
but nothing much happened with them.
A few petunias are enjoying the space.

Sunflowers were planted directly in front...

while these cluster zinnias are coming up near the border.

The sweet potato slip that was started a couple of weeks ago
needs to be transplanted-and fast!

Our basil is sporting true leaves.

And the parsley is getting a good start.

The peanut reseeded itself from last year.
It's more upright this year as well.

This is our largest pineapple so far,
but it doesn't seem to be ripening.
I hope it's worth the wait...

Amazingly enough, the Romas I started a few months back
are producing fruit.
They aren't abundant,

but as it's our first attempt,
we'll be happy with whatever we get.

My farmer friend Lynn let me know 
that now is the time to start fall seeds.
I'll be trying my hand at tomatoes, eggplant, pumpkin and thyme.

Morning glory vine

perennial peanut

perennial peanut bud


It's been so nice being able to have fresh flowers in the house again.

I hope you enjoy your Bloomin' Tuesday.