Thursday, July 11, 2013

Thrifty Thursday-Freeze That Food

While reading one of my favorite blogs,
Jami explained how she freezes snap peas 
and other veggies without blanching first.
Good to know, as I haven't yet ventured into the world of canning.

We've been loading up on leeks while they last,
so freezing was our best option.  
Some folks have those vacuum sealers 
to help with food storage,
but that didn't appeal to me 
and I looked for something different.
She showed us a great and simple trick 
for keeping the food fresh in the freezer here.

One thing I look forward to with canning,
is not having to buy plastic bags anymore.
I'm not thrilled with using plastic,
but I know that something better will come along.
Until then, we'll use this method to get the most out of our veggies.

All you need is a freezer bag and a straw
(and a good set of lungs).
Just zip the bag almost closed, insert the straw
and suck all that air right outta there.
The kids would have a blast helping with this task.

Who needs another gadget, when it's this easy?


  1. I used this method for years. About four or five years ago I invested in a Food Saver and I could never go back to the old method. Only because the Food Saver vacuum seals the food which means that I have veggies in the freezer from two years ago that are still wonderful when I make them. I never had much luck with the regular baggies/straw method. It seemed that they would always fill up with air eventually. So I always recommend the vacuum sealer to people who are heavy into preserving (which we are; we fill our deep chest freezer each summer.)

  2. My ex-father in law never blanched a thing. I always blanch---just a habit from years and years of freezing (being told to). He never died or got sick. Stuff stayed fine. And yet I still blanch. I'm a glutton for work, I think-LOL!

    1. Good to know! Maybe you could try it and see if you like it. Just think, you'd have more time in the garden!

  3. Nice to not blanch in the middle of the hot summer! Unfortunately, I use more jars than plastic bags so I blanch most of what I put in the freezer. Great tip to know though!!

    1. Anything not to heat up the kitchen, right? ;0)

  4. What a cool trick! I'm going to try it. I'm just like you--I hate buying a bunch of gadgets. Simple is better.


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