Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Tuesday Tidings

Early morning and early evening are about the only times
you'll find me out in the garden this time of year.
We're looking back to measure our progress.
Wanna come along?

This was the original location of Lil' Guy's sandbox.
You can tell by the way the grass is worn away.
We put our first rain barrel here.

We decided to put in a butterfly garden.
Here's how it looked about 4 years ago.

A year or so later, we added 
shasta daisies and gloriosa daisies to the mix.
We also swapped out our rain barrel
when we had to relocate this one from the front of the house
courtesy of the HOA.

This weekend, I took out a lot of the daisies to be used in other areas.
You can see them here on the lower right side of the box,
practically taking over.
We left the milkweed, but added a few other seedlings.

I had started these herbs from seed a few weeks ago.
They needed a permanent home,
as I am attempting to clear the clutter from the patio.

The parsley will be used to attract 
the Eastern Black Swallowtail butterflies.
They also enjoy dill, fennel and carrot tops.

Basil doesn't attract butterflies as far as I know,
but it sure tastes good in most pasta dishes!

Here's the basketful of daisies removed from the garden box.

I found myself some shade and began to clean 'em up a bit.

They are easily divided and will be much happier with room to grow.

Taking off the dead growth and trimming the roots a little 
will help them get a good start in their new location.

Plenty of room to add a few more things.
All in good time.

I had taken some sweet potato cuttings 
while pruning back the vine on a trellis.

After soaking in water for a week, we had some decent roots.

They were placed in the front of the bed to be used as a border.

You go that way, I'll go this way...

These have sweet lavender-colored flowers when in bloom.
The bonus is harvesting delicious sweets for your supper table.

Here's how our pineapple started out.
It's just a bloom in the center of the plant.

It grows right on these sharp, spiked leaves.
When it's this color, and smells sweet,
you just hold it by the base and twist.

This is the biggest one we've grown thus far.
It was sweet as shu-gah!

Before the veggie bed, the clothesline and pretty much anything else,
we had a solitary rain barrel.
We don't have gutters, 
so it's very helpful to have these vessels to catch
the flood of water coming off of the roof when we get a deluge.

A few years later, we added the square-foot veggie bed,
lots of plants and the second rain barrel.

As you can see, this plumbego took off
and now hides both barrels in the corner.
We don't have a fence, so we wanted to protect the barrels
from the wandering eyes of the HOA.

I will never be without rain barrels again.
They are so handy to have right in the garden.
I use the water in them not only to water plants,
but to do any kind of outdoor cleaning chore
like rinsing dirty hands or pots, 
washing out recycle bins  and a host of other things.

If threatening weather occurs, 
it's good to know we have an extra 165 gallons of water
should it be needed due to power failures or damage to the house.

It's fun looking back on where we've been
knowing that every step was necessary
to get to where we're goin'.

Enjoy the magic in the everyday.


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  1. I think it's terrific that you can grow your own pineapples. That would be very satisfying.
    (But you can still keep that heat and humidity!!)--do you realize I was wearing a winter coat out this morning to have my coffee at sunrise? It was 41 degrees! Too cold for a garden, really, but just right for me.
    Have a great week, Daisy.
    And LOVE the rainbarrel!

    1. Oh my goodness, Sue. That's unbelievable when we are sweltering in the 90's here.
      Loved your last post on the garden. You have sure created some beautiful scenery there.
      Always good to see you here, Sue.

  2. hi daisy - -do you have to livein FL to grow pineapples? We would love to try but we are in central SC, and I wonder if maybe it doesn't get hot enough here.... hmmm

    1. Hey Katy. We will be trying to grow pineapple when we move to North Carolina in a bit. It's worth a try! They taste so much better than what you buy at the store!

  3. Oh man, that pineapple looks so delicious! I can almost taste it. Yum!

  4. That Plumbego is beautiful!! I'm with you - I'll never be without rain barrels again either. I adore sweet potato vine. Everything is just beautiful.

    1. Thanks, Staci. I like that the plumbego soaks up all the extra rain that doesn't land in the rain barrels. It's all good...

  5. Your yard looks so beautiful! Rain barrels are so handy. We also "have some", but they are really just open plastic garbage cans (3 of them). It was like that when we moved in. Though practical in a way, they get full of leaves, bugs and the water gets really gross. Not even sure if it's safe to use to water my plants and my garden or if it's killing some of my more delicate flowers. The joys of a home... you can only do a little at a time sometimes.

    1. Thank you. Our rain barrels have a bit of screen on top, kept in place with a bungee chord. Keeps debris out and prevents mosquitoes from laying eggs on them. We use ours to water the plants.


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