Monday, July 1, 2013

Farm School Summer Session Week Three

It was a busy morning at Farm School.
You won't hear me complaining one bit!

Who needs a spa vacation when I can be here?

Our first task was to pull out all the spent 
 Gotta make room for new crops!

While Lynn worked on using this handy tool 
to tear out the leftover stems and roots,

I went behind to loosen the soil and level out the pots.
This bad boy does the trick.
It goes pretty quickly with two sets of hands.

Here's part of what we retrieved.

Some pots were flagged as a precaution,
as Faye had noticed ants in a few of them.
They will be dealt with at a later time.

We checked on the okra that we had sowed last weekend.
Lynn said it took only 48 hours for the seedlings to emerge
and every pot germinated.

Okra elsewhere in the garden is doing just fine, thank you.

As well as other delectible edibles.

The peppers, however, are feelin' the heat.
We were on a mission to get them some relief.

These are banana peppers,
but bell peppers are also located in this area of the garden.

(Trumpets sounding)
 Shade cloth to the rescue!

It was a three-farmer job,
as we had a lot of territory to cover.

Two layers of shade cloth give 40% shade,
which will decrease the direct sunlight on the crops.
Clothespins attach them to the metal rods stemming from the pots.
Hopefully, it'll make these sweet thangs happier.

So far, the lettuce has been holding up 
and not turning bitter due to the heat.
Faye had just picked some for my order,
so it's got some recovering to do.
It's a wonderful surprise to be getting tasty lettuce
at this time of the year.

With regular rain, 
plants are looking lush and downright tropical!

These papayas are thriving with the high humidity.

Here's something I hadn't noticed before.
This is guava, which is used in preserves and pastries.

This is pomegranate.

 So much to take in.

The place is just teeming with life.

Another productive day.
I could get used to this.

I appreciate the time I get to spend at Farm School.
It's like a vacation from reality for a few hours each week.
that's just whatcha need.

See how Farm School started here.


  1. Beautiful pictures! My lettuce is just about gone now, and the beets and carrots also! They have been yummy! My pomegranate tree only produced a few fruit this year. We discovered too late that it wasn't getting enough water. Thanks for posting! Have a great week.

    1. You must be in a warm climate too. Glad you were able to enjoy your harvest!

  2. Pomegranate! Yum! They are one of my favorites. The seeds are soooo good. It's crazy that the okra germinated in 48 hours. Wow!

    1. I've never had them. Yeah, he grows great dirt!


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