Thursday, November 8, 2012

Thrifty Thursday-Close That Door!

We're visiting Sister in North Carolina.
One of the things we try to do when we come up
is help her out with things that need fixing.
Big K is extra handy and it's so nice to be able
to take care of a few things around her place.
Last year, one of our tasks was to
put in a closet system for her.

This time, the closet doors housing
her washer and dryer needed attention.
Seems as though they'd been worked on before,
but the repair never stuck.
We thought we'd give it a go.

Here's how it looked when we arrived.
The door had been unusable for a little while,
so she had removed it.

Here's the culprit.
The overhead track had gotten twisted somehow.

Big K removed the remaining door
by holding down the spring-loaded plastic washer
with a screwdriver and pulling the door out of the groove.

The replacement kit was found
at a big box store for under $20.

These were the only tools needed to do the job.

The kit comes complete with everything needed
to install bifold doors,
although we only used a portion of the contents.

With the old track removed,
the new one was installed in minutes,
using the same screw holes.
The most difficult part was
getting the doors realigned properly,
so that they hung evenly and allowed for free movement
when opening and closing.

Another easy project completed.
It's rewarding to finish a job,
knowing that it will make someone's life a bit easier.

We're on a roll!



  1. Great job! My husband's closet door is broken and I think we need a new track. Looks like a pretty easy fix!


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