Thursday, November 15, 2012

I'll Try to Contain Myself!

I'm not much of a shopper.
Except for thrift stores, I try to steer clear of overconsumption.
However, organizing is in my blood.

When I found out that there was a
Container Store near Charlotte,
I had to put it on my must see list.
It's been open a little over a year.

If I'm dreamin',
please don't wake me up.

This store was exactly what I expected.
Tons of storage ideas,
organizational motivation
and ergonomic furniture and supplies.

You'll find everything from armoirs to zippered bags.
If you need to get organized,
this is the place that can make it a delight.

Got Legos?

They've got the storage solution.

There are many eco-friendly items to be found,
as well as increasing numbers of items
made in the USA.

Shari, the sales associate we talked to,
was more than happy to share
the store's philosophy with us.

She also wrote down several ideas we offered her
to pass on to the higher ups.
It seemed that the employees really care about giving
superb customer service.
She even encouraged me to apply for a position
to pursue my organizing interest.

Aside from the wonderful products and inspiration,
this company promotes a generous spirit of giving
to the community.
Another great reason to spend hard-earned dollars here.
There are so many practical and efficient ideas
to be garnered.
It's an organizer's dream!
For more information about The Container Store,
click here.

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  1. I could NEVER go in would be the END of my checking account-LOL!
    Loved the lego containers--how very cute!

  2. I've been to one of these once and it was amazing! I wanted to buy everything!


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