Friday, November 16, 2012

Treasure Depot

Sister told us about a place called The Depot in Concord, NC
where vintage treasures were to be had.
She took the day off to share the experience.

This place was HUGE!
It was a cold day,
but one step inside warmed us right up
with expectations of a treasure hunt!

The floors of this once textile mill
were rich and solid beneath our feet.

Tons of canning jars, blue and otherwise,
were located in many of the booths.

The furniture as well as the contents of each booth
were for sale by folks who lease the space.

Love the Hoosier-type cabinets.
Many had enamel countertops,
perfect for rolling out pie or cookie doughs.

Vintage lugguge like the one I recently purchased
were a common sight.

Some folks had collections of items to offer.

Several buildings housed row after row
of gems just waiting to be discovered.

Old windows looking for a home
could be used outside or inside.

What a gorgeous vintage stove.

And another.

Here's a girl's toy stove.
After all, why should the grownups have all the fun?

Miles of fabric made me wish I knew how to sew.
Maybe it will motivate me to take a sewing class!

I'm a big fan of screen doors.
They work great as room dividers or used on a pantry door.

These old toy bowling pins
made me think of one of my students
who is quite fond of the game.

This classic oil jar has a recipe for mayonnaise
printed right on it.

Here are a couple of enamel Frigidaire refrigerator bins
that Sister picked up.
These would be great used anywhere in the house
to organize.

I picked up a few glass items.
We now have a few official refrigerator dishes!
It'll be fun using these back at home
and remembering what a fantastic day we had with Sister.

We're out and about today
celebrating Lil' Guy's 12th birthday
and then heading home this weekend.
We are hoping that the next time we make this trip,
it will be as residents of the state.

Have a beautiful fall weekend, y'all!