Monday, November 26, 2012

Lettuce Give Thanks

This weekend was a beautiful time
to visit the farmer's market in a nearby town.
I featured the Lakeland Farmer's Market here.

There was quite a pleasant surprise
waiting for me this time 'round.

Look at the gorgeous organic produce I found there.
I mostly buy from Debbie of Ecofarms.
She and her crew work so hard
to bring us delicious, pesticide-free veggies.
The Red Sails lettuce you see here is hers
and it is so delicate that it almost melts in your mouth.

She also provides us with these Calabaza pumpkins
which are used for baking Lil' Guy's pumpkin bread.
I'll work on getting it roasted and processed today.
I just keep it in the freezer until it's needed.

The most wonderful surprise of the day
was that I found another organic vendor.
These purple beans were grown by The Bilbrey Family Farm.
Not only do they sell at the farmer's market in Lakeland,
they also run a CSA which provides for many families
in our area.
After speaking to co-owner Carol,
we are planning a field trip to the farm
which I will feature on the blog.

Those purple beans magically transform
into these delectable nuggets!
Isn't nature just a wonder?

Looking forward to sharing more about the farm
and the CSA in coming weeks.
I'm so thankful for those who provide for our family
and do it with an unending passion and integrity.

Do you have an easy time finding
locally grown organic produce?
Fortunately, it seems to be getting
a little easier in our neck of the woods.
Oh, yeah...


  1. Such beautiful produce.
    I grow MOST of my vegetables, and the few things I can't/won't, I can get at a local Amish stand nearby. They don't use any chemicals either--YAY!
    Isn't it odd, though--what we have to go through to get food that HASN'T been sprayed to death?? It shouldn't be this difficult!

    1. You are SO right. It shouldn't be so hard.
      Your garden is amazing!

  2. Those veggies look great! We have a farmer's market from April - November where we can get local veggies, but they aren't organic. We try to grow as much of our veggies as we can to make sure they are organic.


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