Friday, November 9, 2012

All Aboard!

We revisited the Transportation Museum
in Spencer yesterday.
Ignore the date on the pix,
as we are using Sister's camera
and didn't get it adjusted.

We visit here each year we come up,
but there are additional displays
and we always learn something new.

This is the ticket depot.
A train ride costs just a few dollars extra
and is worth enjoying at least once!

One of the many train cars on display.
Love the wording on this one.

Vintage vehicles can be found in this building.

An old fuel storage tank was found here.

Great deal on gas, right?

A beautifully refurbished milk truck.

This is a train switchboard panel.
Can you say "multitask"?

In this bay, vintage vehicles are restored
to their original beauty and function.
Volunteers contribute countless hours to the cause.

Gantry cranes were used to lift cars and move them around.

A ride on one of the only remaining turntables
costs just $1!

We enjoy learning about our nation's history
and this museum is a real gem.

Enjoy discovering the treasures where you are!
Have a great weekend, y'all!


  1. Great photos! Looks like a lot of fun. My favorite is the milk truck. It is so cute!

    1. I know, I like that milk truck too. Memories...

  2. Looks like a fun place to visit, Daisy! I'll bet your son enjoyed the train ride. Looks like your hubby is quite talented and really helped your sister. You asked me about lawn bags - our community requires that we use them for yard waste, then they make (and sell) compost. Their compost piles are super large, so they do get hot enough to kill weed seeds. We have to buy the bags at $1.55 per bag - it's a lot for people like us who use many, many bags. We cut the burden some by doing our own composting of what we can, plus I love having the compost to put in my gardens. Have a good one!

    1. Thanks for the information, Beth. I just love all those leaves! Great for mulch and compost.

  3. Hey Daisy...It looks like you're have a fun time on your trip. Hope you won't mind but I nominated you for the Beautiful Blogger Award. You can find out what to do on my latest post. Have fun!

    1. Thanks for visiting, Susan. Thank you for thinking of me.


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