Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Tuesday Tidings-State Park Visit

The weekend provided beautiful weather
for getting outside.
We made it to Morrow Mountain State Park in Albemarle.
We took advantage of Mother Nature's generosity.

The drive was a real treat
for those of us who are used to flat terrain.

The vista was incredible.

These stairs ascend to the Kron homestead.
Francis Kron was the first physician in the Piedmont area.

Dr. Kron performed medical procedures on folks in the area,
as well as their animals.
He also acted as the area's only dentist.

The Kron family had a vast collection of plants
which they nurtured in their greenhouse.

We love these historical sites.

We couldn't have asked for a more glorious day
to make memories.

There are so many places we have yet to discover.

Hope this day finds you creating some lifelong memories!


  1. Such a pretty day-what a treat to go out for a walk in such a beautiful park.

    1. Yeah, we feel blessed to be able to discover these gorgeous parks.

  2. So lovely. I am ready to move into that cabin!

  3. Great photos! Looks like a beautiful day. Love the buildings!


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