Thursday, November 29, 2012

One Simple Thing-Keep It Under Wraps!

We don't buy a lot of gifts each year.
We'd rather go on an outing than accumulate
more stuff.
There are special containers made for storing
wrapping paper and gift bags.
Here's what we were using.

These elongated plastic bins did a great job for the long rolls of paper, and they do hold quite a bit.
They are made to store under the bed,
something of which I'm not a fan.

Here's what it looked like until I found the perfect solution.

This suitcase was acquired at our recent
community-wide yard sale.
For two bucks, I got a new wrapping container
that is cool enough to leave out and display.
Jami over at Oregon Cottage got me thinking
about using luggage for all sorts of things.
Then while on vacation,
there were tons of them to be found.

The first step to get this project started
was to lay everything out and sort.
A few things were purged, but most stayed
and just got tidied.

Ribbons and bows were already placed
in small gift boxes, along with double-sided tape.

Different colored tissue paper had been in a bag.
It was all taken out and sorted by color.

Gift bags were pared down to a few of each size.
These are great when you need to wrap it up fast.

Only a few gift boxes were kept.

The gift bags and boxes were placed in the largest gift bag.
As you can see, there is room to spare.

Not only does it look better,
it'll be nice to be able to use it as part of the decor
instead of shoving it under the bed.
Practical is my middle name.

Brown paper that comes in packages is saved
for wrapping parcels or books that we send out.
We sometimes sell items online
or send books through Bookswap.
I haven't had to buy butcher paper in years.

The bin can now be reused as a mail packing station.
I have a spot for it in our spare room
which will be staged this weekend.

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