Thursday, June 30, 2011


Zinnias are one of the few blooms
that will tolerate, even thrive in, our summer heat.

An array of colors, sizes and textures bless us with beauty.

They do well accompanying most any neighbor.

Each flower encircled with lovely "stars"
known as disks.

Such delicate details and muted tones.
They just scream "vintage".

These make their home in pine straw mulch.

And dress it up just a bit.

Others climb for the blue sky
in a myriad of colors.

Each one seems so different from the next,
but all are oh-so-easy to grow.
Seeds harvested will take off with little effort.

The warm shades of orange are a pleasing contrast
against cool green leaves.

Seemingly the same,
but somehow each flower has its uniqueness.

Have you ever seen the likes of this?

No trick photography here,
it really is two-toned.

Last year I had these thumbelina types
growing profusely near the veggie garden.
This year they seem quite content in pots.

The best part is that there always seems to be
another popping up somewhere in the garden.
Mother Nature is so very generous.

Tuesday Garden Party Co-Hosts


  1. I just love zinnias-such beautiful colors. The bi-colored one is exceptionally nice!!
    Last year I had tons, this year is cold, so they are not doing well at all.

  2. Sue-Sorry to hear your zinnias are not happy this year, but it is still early in the summer!


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