Sunday, June 12, 2011

Open House

The Polk Training Center
for Handicapped Citizens Nursery Open House

The open house was a new experience for this gardener.

The nursery has collaborated with the extension center
to create a beautiful Florida-friendly garden display.

Paths are marked with various sizes and types of stones
and take you on an exciting and educational journey.

Several types of mulches are used in beds and walkways.

A demonstration vegetable garden is helpful
for those who wish to investigate self-sufficiency.

Signs indicating the benefits
are highlighted within each garden display.

Greenhouses provide shelter for propagating specimens
and growing seedlings.

Each area showcases specific plants.

It's obvious that everything is well tended.

Florida natives can be found.

This knockout floored me!

Information about each plant is displayed
indicating requirements for sun, water and space.

The cosmos were another stunner!

This thryallis is well over 6 feet tall
and perfectly domed.

This  beauty attracted more than perspective buyers.

It is pretty irresistible!

Not all plants are native,
but most are well-adapted to our hot climate.

Two purple coneflowers were brought home.

This is our front door,
so they will be placed just beyond it on the porch.

Another purple salvia was picked up.
These have done well here in the past,
and they attract butterflies as an added bonus.

The selection of drought tolerant plants was good.
Considering that the money raised 
helps to support a worthwhile program,
a contribution was happily made.

The day was long,
but the blessings do not go unappreciated.


  1. I've got to get out to that nursery. It looks like they have a nice selection. Thanks for sharing your trip there with us.

  2. Susan-I think you'll be glad you did!


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