Sunday, June 19, 2011

Melon Magic

Our neighbors brought over the strangest thing
a few nights ago.

Do not adjust your picture.  It is orange.
I first heard about these peculiar melons last year,
and have since come to find out there are heirloom varieties.
Still, I couldn't bring myself to buy or grow a watermelon
that wasn't red.
It just didn't seem right.
Guess what?

As soon as my tastebuds had anything to say about it,
I got over that real fast.

You can find heirlooms of many colors and sizes

Here's a recipe for watermelon lemonade,
especially refreshing when the temps climb high.

It works no matter the color of your melon!

***Happy Father's Day!***


  1. I hear ya, Daisy! I bought a Baker Creek red watermelon variety. I wasn't sure I could handle a different color. Nice to know! My melon has just started to bloom so it'll be a long time yet before I'll get to taste test my red ones.

  2. That looks so good. drooooolll!

  3. I've never seen or even heard of orange watermelon. I'll have to look for that this summer (hopefully I can find some). Looks delicious!

  4. tami-Can't wait to hear how your red melon turns out. I'll bet it'll be sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet!


    Stephanie-It's actually called "yellow", but it looks orange. It's a bit subtler taste than the red variety, but just as sweet and juicy.


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