Tuesday, June 28, 2011

So, That's Tickseed!

These beauties popped up on the side of our house
a couple of months ago leaving me guessing. 

I get the Birds and Blooms Newsletter sent to my email box.
It's always filled with interesting tidbits
about gardening and birding.

After reading an article on their website,
the mystery was solved.

Tickseed is actually the state wildflower of Florida.
Who knew?

The contrast in colors is striking.

These sweet lovelies don't ask for much.
They do well in full or part sun,
sandy or poor soils
and can tolerate a bit of drought.

Now that I know what they are,
I'll be planting more of this seed
in other areas of the garden.
Thanks to Meems at Hoe & Shovel for the bounty of seeds.
It'll be fun experimenting with different
conditions to see where these blooms will best thrive.

***I'm happiest with my hands in the dirt.***


  1. Always nice to get a hardworking tough flower for the garden and tickseed looks very happy in yours.

  2. I've heard the name tickseed all my life but not sure I've ever seen it growing. It's colors are beautiful! And where did you get the seed--at a mail order place? Also thanks for the suggestion of the Birds and Blooms email newsletter. I just went and signed up!

  3. What a beautiful, vibrant flower! Thanks for sharing!

  4. What a striking wildflower!

  5. your tickseed is gorgeous! i love it growing all over the place here!

  6. That's a beautiful variety of Tickseed, never seen that color combo before. :)

  7. I've never seen this type of tickseed. Love it! The first shot against the house is perfect! Jean

  8. Jane-I agree.

    Rosemary-Thanks for stopping by!

    Deb-It's also known as coreopsis. I got the seeds from Meems over at Hoe & Shovel. Enjoy the newsletter!

    Suzanne-Thanks for visiting!

    Zoey-Yeah, I really love the contrast!

    debbie-Enjoy your tickseed!

  9. perennialgardener-Glad we could show you something new!

    Jean-Thanks for hosting Bloomin' Tuesday. I'm meeting so many wonderful gardeners.

  10. Don't ya love when that happens. Beautiful.

  11. Becca's Dirt-Sure do. Blessings...


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