Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Every week or so,
I've been monitoring our milkweed plants
for caterpillars.
This is what I've found...


Same for the parsley.  Usually it's loaded with cats.
Last year, we found these beauties.

But out by the plumbago it was another story...

Isn't it funky?

Happily chomping away...

They are fat and fuzzy!

God sure makes some amazing critters.
I love that nature feels at home here.
It tells me I'm doing something very right
by gardening organically.

They are tickle-ish-ous!
I'd love to know what kind they are.
The closest thing I could find were salt marsh cats.

The info I read said that they tend to form
their cocoons on leaf beds, so I'll be checking.
I hope we get to see them
make their grand transformation!