Thursday, June 2, 2011

Plant Profile-Gloriosa Daisy

This butterfly garden has gone through
some transformations in the past few years.
This time 'round, seeds
were exclusively used to start blooms.

You can barely spot the gloriosa daisies popping up
on the far upper right corner of the bed
earlier this season...

and then later,
"Hello Gorgeous!"


Snuggled in a sea of green,
these clenched seed heads
are just waiting to surprise the gardener
on any given day.

Patience is required,
as these shy charmers
gather their courage to show themselves.

The unwinding petals are a sight.

The massively thick dark mocha centers
are a major contrast to the outer dainty golden petals.

They do what daisies do best-
distribute freely an air of liveliness and cheer.

The blooms just keep comin'!

Flowers in various stages of evolution
create a constant show.

The velvet-like leaves are plentiful,
each housing seemingly fragile whiskers.

You can be sure this stunner
will become a staple in the
Maple Hill garden for years to come.
Thankfully, it's a perennial,
so it will return on its own.


Even the back of this lovely bloom
adds interest to the overall drama.

So glad we gave this one a try.
It's quite the looker,
don't cha think?


  1. It definitely is quite the looker. I love that dark chocolate center. You're pics are stunning. I think you might be able to win a contest with some of these, too. I hope they bloom all summer long for you.

  2. Yeah, anything that even looks like dark chocolate is a winner to me! Thanks for your kind remarks!


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