Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Highlands Hammock Revisited

With temperatures climbing into the 90's daily now,
we decided we wanted to get back to
Highlands Hammock State Park
before the sweltering summer
keeps us boarded up at home.

Blue skies greeted us at every turn.
Surprisingly, we only saw a handful of other folks.

Bikes are available for rent.
Here's my sweet ride.

Seed pods galore could be found
in almost every lovely vignette.

More color, too, was found this time 'round.

Still, the tranquility of the surroundings helps one appreciate every quiet moment.

Wildlife can be found, although hopefully, not too close!
Lil' guy came upon a turtle, but believe it or not,
he was faster at getting into his shelter
than I was with the camera!

Ample shade was one reason we chose this park
for our June visit.

This shot to me says "Florida".

We explored dirt trails this time.
Good workout!

We made our way over to the campground
and took a spin around.
Hopefully, we will get back into camping someday.
It's really the type of vacation we are most suited for.

I guess this cardinal didn't read the sign, eh?

So glad we got back here again.
It's one of our favorite state parks.
Happy trails!