Friday, June 24, 2011

Say "cheese!"

Since discovering that hard cheeses do not have lactose,
I have been indulging in delicious cheddar cheese
from time to time.
This is a major dietary change,
considering it was avoided for over 20 years
because of lactose intolerance.

The trick is to check the label.
Any cheese that shows "0" for sugar should be a safe bet.
We buy only Cabot cheese,
as we choose to support responsible dairy farmers.

Quality cheddar and organic tomatoes
on homemade bread...

life is good...


  1. The bottom photo brought back a wonderful memory of my mom-she always put her homegrown tomatoes on grilled cheese. I couldn't believe how good that tasted!

  2. Your sandwich made me hungry. We do love our cheese around here.

  3. Cheese is a hard one to go without.

  4. Sue-Isn't it something how our favorite childhood meals still bring us right back?

    Susan-It's such a treat!

    Jane-I'm grateful for being able to eat this yummy stuff!

  5. I love a grilled cheese sandwich with tomato! Delish :) The farm families who own Cabot appreciate your kind words and your support! Thank you, thank you!

  6. Jacquelyn-You're welcome, you're welcome! ;0)


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