Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Bloomin' Tuesday

It's Tuesday and it's definitely bloomin'
around Maple Hill.
Welcome to a small sampling of our garden.


cosmos & ageratum

not sure what these are,
but they were worth saving off the "dead" rack

corn plant

brilliant visitor

A freebie from the last Spring Obsession


He's a big 'un!

Loaded with lemons

My favorite color in the garden.

Another mystery to me

 Newly refurbished butterfly in the ageratum

A self-seeder of unknown origin

Blue-eyed grass sways in the wind

Enjoy your time in the garden.
Blessings abound...


  1. Lovely! That rain you had is paying off.

  2. Hi Daisy, I like your cosmos and the little pink unknown flower. I think your unknown yellow is coreopsis although I am uncertain. Your garden is looking great!
    Hugs, Beth

  3. How pretty Daisy! Blue is my favorite color in the garden too. One day when we get our own home, I'll have my "Blue Garden"! Have a wonderful Tuesday!

  4. All those flowers are looking so pretty! And I wish I had some lemons :)

  5. Love that orange cosmo! I haven't even planted any yet! Your garden is looking amazing!

  6. Jane-You're so right. Hope we get more soon!

    Beth-Thanks for visiting today!

    Kat-I look forward to seeing your blue garden.

    Kim-Me too!

    Kelly-I'd send you some if I could!

    Jean-You're too kind. Thanks for hosting Bloomin' Tuesday!

  7. I really like your first photo, the dappled light is illuminating the flower.
    You sure grow big grasshoppers in your part of the world - yikes.

  8. Lavender Cottage-Thanks for the kind words.
    Yeah, he's a monster!


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