Thursday, April 30, 2015

One Simple Thing-Muffled Drawers

While we await the perfect buyer for our home,
we're getting a few small jobs done.
It's mostly in move-in condition,
but a few little extras never hurt, right?

The kitchen in this house has tons of storage,
a real plus.
One minor problem was bothering me.
The cabinet doors and drawers make noise if they get away from you.
We don't have the fancy "soft-close" drawers,
and we don't really want to put any more money into the house, 
since it's on the market.
Big K and I are up early, getting ready for our day,
which includes opening drawers and cabinet doors.
With Lil' Guy sleeping in most days
(he's a teenager, need I say more?),
I decided to tackle this easy project.

For a few bucks and in less than 15 minutes,
we were on our way to a bit more quiet around here.
These felt pad cushions have adhesive on the back,
so all you need to do is place and press.
They come in several colors to match your cabinets.

All the cabinets and doors in both the kitchen and bathrooms
originally had these buffers on them,
but some were missing, or just looked worn out.

One package was enough to do each drawer and door in the kitchen
and both bathrooms.
With just a little effort and a smidgen of time,
peace and quiet reign supreme.
I like the sound of that!

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