Thursday, June 28, 2012

One Simple Thing-It's a Date!

Got leftovers?

It's a good idea to date leftovers
to make sure they are consumed in a timely manner.
We usually have leftovers one night a week for supper,
but most of them are eaten as lunches
the day after the original meal.

In any case, by dating the contents of the containers,
food doesn't get wasted,
and no worries about eating food that's gone bad.
I don't know about you,
but I'd rather leave science experiments in the lab.

As I usually make several versions of the same meal
because of dietary necessity,
it's helpful to mark not only the date,
but which version of the meal is contained within.
Here's the vegetarian enchilada pie from Tuesday night
(recipe to be posted tomorrow).
Easy to know what needs reheating.

One Simple Thing


  1. Leftovers don't stand a chance with hubby in the house. I can put them in there one day, and the next morning there are empty dishes in the sink. I think I have a night time grazer on my hands!

  2. Sue-At least nothing goes to waste!


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