Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Bloomin' Tuesday

Well, it's feast or famine around here with regard to the weather.
No rain scheduled in the forecast for the next few days.
Here's what the downpours of last week helped bring up.

watermelon is blooming now on the tepee

beautyberry is finally producing buds

this pineapple has had tremendous growth since
we had steady rain and I removed a few other plants around it

Hope you get a good dose of rain
on this Bloomin' Tuesday!


  1. Enjoyed your pictures ! Visiting from the Garden Party ( Tuesday )

  2. Your garden is beautiful! I will spend some time checking out your blog. :)
    Mrs. Petrie @ casapetrie.com

  3. Beautiful as always. I just love those pineapple.

  4. Love your flowers this week. So many beauties. I love your yellows.

    Yael from www.HomeGardenDiggers.com

  5. Pretty pretty! Same thing around here..too much rain or not enough.

  6. Gorgeous flowers--I really like the blue morning glory! And you have a red tomato already--that's fantastic!

  7. Fantastic photos! All your flowers and plants look to be flourishing. Thanks for sharing some great inspiration.

  8. Rain so renews and refreshes everything. Your garden is lovely - I hope you take the time to enjoy it.

  9. I loved my visit; everything is just beautiful.

  10. Debra-Thanks for visiting with me!

    Carisa-Glad you stopped by!

    Jane-Always nice to see you here.

    Yael-It's surprising how much yellow we have, considering I love blues and purples!

    Kelly-We're grateful for our rain barrels!

    Athena-The morning glories are lovely to wake up to.

    CosmoGirl Carla-We all need inspiration!

    Kat-Thanks for coming by!

    Beth-I so agree about the rain. It works for people too!

    Deb-Come again soon!

  11. So pretty! We've just had a bunch of rain and some things are lovin' it- and some have been beaten down by it. :-) Thanks for sharing at the TGP!


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