Monday, June 11, 2012

A Real HeadBanger

These four things saved my life.

Not literally,
but I sure am glad I had them when I needed them.
Let me explain...

One of the items on our "before we list our house" checklist
was to have the carpets cleaned.
It's something we should have done years ago,
but I was always concerned about putting chemicals into
Lil' Guy's world.
I found a company that uses a hypoallergenic and natural solution.
So, last Wednesday they came and cleaned the carpets
throughout our home.
Didn't know it was a two-for-one special.
I had my clock cleaned at the same time.

The folks who were working on the carpet told us to
wear white socks while the carpets were drying.
I had taken out socks for Mimi and Lil' Guy,
but had forgotten my own, so I went in our closet to get some.
Big mistake.

In making the turn off the wet carpet to the wet tile, I fell. 
I landed on my head,
but I can't tell you what I hit or what I landed on.
I just knew it hurt.
A lot.
I was dazed and confused,
not realizing what had happened.

Being the caregiver for two people
doesn't allow me the luxury
of just dropping everything to tend to myself.
And being the hard-headed individual
I've always been, I tried to shake it off.
Big K came home early from work and helped out.
The next day, I got in to see my doctor.
It was a concussion.
She told me I should have gone to the ER.

Please learn from my mistake.
It could have ended up much worse.
I am grateful for getting through this ordeal
with the help of family and friends who took over
my daily responsibilities
and allowed me to rest and recover.
I'm still recuperating,
but hopefully each day will get a bit better.

I can't help but wonder if God was trying to slow me down.
It also occured to me that I was experiencing
a bit of what Lil' Guy goes through daily,
being sensitive to light and noise.

If you suffer a head injury:
          1) Immediately call 911 or go to the emergency room
               if you have someone to take you there
         2) Do not take any nsaids
         3) Have someone stay with you
         4) Eat lightly (broth, soup, smoothies, soft foods)
         5) Do not exercise or exert yourself
         6) Rest as much as possible

And get yourself some earplugs, sunglasses,
Tylenol and yoga pants.
You're gonna need them.

Stay safe out there!