Thursday, June 7, 2012

Thrifty Thursday-Pedal Petals

A bike has been on my wishlist for a while now.
When we were visiting state parks,
I'd have to rent or borrow one.
Not anymore.  :D

Found this diamond-in-the-rough on Craig's List.

It was promptly taken apart.
No disrespect to the Wolverines,
but this would not be my choice of colors.

Some big tools were needed for the job.

The inner tubes were just fine,
no need to replace them.

The tires were shot.
New tires were in order.

Priming helps the paint stick better and last longer.

Even the rims were due for a new color.

The seat was in decent shape, but Big K cleaned it up a bit.
Time will tell if it agrees with my backside.

Now to daisy-fy it.

Clip-art flowers were printed on cardstock
and cut out with a craft knife.
Blue painter's tape keeps it secure.

Petals are painted with white craft paint.

Yellow centers were filled in with cotton swabs.
Professional?  Far from it.
But it suits me.

There won't be another one like it on the bike trails
or in the neighborhood.

Happy pedaling!

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