Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day, y'all!
It's that time of year where we honor our Mother.
Here are some simple things we can all do to make the planet a better place.

Plant a tree.
Different parts of the country celebrate Arbor Day at various times.
Everyone can plant one tree.
Even if you don't have a yard or any room left on your own property,
you can always donate a tree to a public space,
like a library, fire station, post office or school.
Read more about planting trees on the Arbor Day website.

There are a myriad of ways to do it.
A pile close to the garden, a tin in the kitchen for food scraps,
a worm bin on the patio.
There really isn't much to it,
and just think of all that waste you'll be preventing!
Even if you don't have space for a big system,
you can direct compost, like we do.
This great informational chart on composting was found here.
Some of us appreciate that visual cue to help things stick in our brains.

Buy Less

Not only does this help you save money,
but there's less chance that packaging will end up in a landfill.
Concentrate more on experiences, rather than material things.
For a special event like a birthday or graduation,
enjoy a unique adventure (read zip-lining),
or revisit a miniature golf course or bowling alley.
I love this idea at Echoage,
where friends can donate to your favorite charity in your honor.


If you have a little more time,
or just feel the need to be outside more and give back a little,
volunteer at a national or state park.
There are all kinds of jobs that can be completed by folks who have the time.
You could even make it a project for your family or any organization to which you belong.
Think of it as giving a little back to Mother Nature,
who is abundantly generous to all of us.
Here's where you can start your search for jobs near you.

 We can all do something.
After all,
Mother Earth gives us so much everyday.
She deserves our very best.

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