Thursday, April 23, 2015

Thrifty Thursday-Baling Twine

Every day is Earth Day in our neck of the woods.

Repurposing is a way of life around here.
We're always trying to come up with new ways to use things.
One item that we frequently find uses for is baling twine.

 Our twine comes from the bales of pine straw mulch we buy at our local feed store, Doty's.
We save it every time we remulch the garden area in the backyard.
It comes in handy for so many jobs.

Cut into strips, it can be helpful to stake seedlings
until they gain some size and strength.
Once the crop is near harvest time,
it can be used to mark which plants have ready-to-pick goodies.

It's strong enough to bundle flowers or herbs
and keep them in place.
What a lovely bouquet!

 It works great as a support for peas and beans.
Here we used some metal poles and strung the twine horizontally.

 You can't beat it for defining parameters in a square foot bed.
Just string it from one side to the other in any sized garden.
Tied together, bigger beds can be easily outlined,
especially if you plan to add some curves to the area.

 One of the most helpful ways we use it is in our butterfly areas,
to mark where we've seen caterpillar eggs or chrysalises.
This ensures that we can monitor the critters in every stage of their life cycle.
 Don't wanna miss the good stuff!

How do you repurpose baling twine?

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