Friday, April 3, 2015

The House Blog

Today we are shamelessly promoting our home for sale.
Since we'd tried to sell it twice before with two different realtors,
we thought we'd give it a go ourselves.
It seems to be a good time to sell and the market is picking up a bit here.

The worst that can happen is that we don't get enough traffic
and end up having to list it again with our realtor of choice.
Without a listing on the MLS, buyers aren't able to see all of the homes available.
We found a way to (hopefully) get more exposure for our home.
When researching safety considerations when selling yourself,
I stumbled upon a blog by Andrea Dekker,
who created a blog for her home
and put it on Craig's List.

So, that's what I've been working on for the past couple of weeks.
I'm asking everyone I know to put a link up on their Facebook account,
or any other type of social media,
as well as listing it on Craig's List ourselves.
We trust that the right buyer will find it
and be quite content here.

The next time you need to sell a home, 
consider creating a blog for it.
We hope that this endeavor 
will allow our dreams to move forward.
 Here's the link.
(The house blog was removed when we ended up 
listing with a realtor.) 

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