Monday, April 1, 2013

Farm School-Week Five

Saturday was beautiful here in Central Florida.
Time to learn about farming
and enjoy being so close to paradise.
Read about my mentors here.

Who wouldn't be inspired 
to spend as much time as possible outside in nature.

I had noticed a smattering of orange on my way up the drive.
This is a loquat tree.
I'd read about them, but never seen one in person.
Lynn allowed me to sample a few of these 
orange olive-shaped treasures.
He described it as peach meets plum.
All I know is that it was delicious.
Juicy, not too sweet and a marvel to behold.

Maters as far as the eye can see!
These bad boys will soon be ready for harvest.

Each plant houses clusters of luscious green globes,
ripening on the vine.

Is your mouth watering yet?

We took a look at the beans.

Some had noticeable wind damage.
Plans are in the works to remedy that situation
so that in subsequent growing seasons 
plants will be sheltered.

Transplanting seedlings is on today's agenda.

These black plastic rings cover most of the pots and are used
to prevent weeds from growing and robbing plants of nutrients.
The transplants are placed in the center hole.

Not sure if it shows up here, but a small nail is placed
right in the center of the plastic ring's hole.
Digging around the nail provides the perfect-sized hollow to accommodate the new seedlings.

Waiting young pepper plants are ready 
to nestle into their new home.

Sprouts are gently placed into the hole,
being careful to keep the rim of the seedling 
flush with the surrounding soil.

The black ring is placed back on top.
Ready for take off!

Bricks and a few more nails 
help to keep the plastic in place during windy conditions.

We also had time to get some eggplant transplanted.
Everything was well watered.

I asked Lynn about the fading bottoms of these peas.
He assured me that they will continue to produce a crop
even though the bottoms look spent.

Here are peas planted a little over a month ago.

And others planted a few weeks later.
I gotta say this is one of my favorite samplings each week.
Succession planting keeps customers happy.

Is this a sight?
The organizer in me loves 
not only the order of like items placed together,
but the functionality of stationing tools 
where they are most used.

Another fun learning day.
Hope you are enjoying the lessons you are gifted with today.

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