Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tuesday Tidings-Planting in Earnest

It's been a busy planting time here lately.
Farm School has been motivating me to see 
just how much we can grow here 
on our lil' patch of dirt.
And with mild temps, 
it's difficult for me to keep myself 
from wandering outdoors to find new projects.

My friend farmer Lynn would be proud of me,
keeping track of my gardening practices on a regular basis.

They did!

These carrot seeds weren't from our recent order,
but I thought I'd give 'em a go.

I planted a dozen or so in this patch.
Only a few came up.
When I checked the package,
I realized the seeds were a bit old.

So I tested them for viability
by placing them on damp paper towels for about a week.
It was a no go.
Instead of buying more carrot seeds,
I just decided to move on...

Some peas were reseeded on the bamboo trellis.

The beets I seeded recently are starting to come up.
These are a new crop for us.

So exciting!

Then I went to town with the white eggplant,

and a more traditional variety,


striped beets,

and San Marzano tomatoes for making gravy.

Some of the pea plants are doing well
while others, not so much.
So I reseeded them in the square foot bed.

Although this variety doesn't need staking,
I planted them right with the other type seeded earlier in the season.

And, speaking of peas,
I have an announcement to make!
(Insert trumpet music here.)

We've got peas!!!
What. A. Rush.

We use a lot of dried beans in our recipes,
so I wanted to give these a go.
They were seeded around our tripod teepee.

Here's the square-foot bed where we're experimenting 
with new crops and varieties.

Berries ready for the snackin'.

These sweet peas were chosen to add to the blue garden out front.

We've had a few visitors lately...

some good, some I'm not quite sure.

The sage is coming back.

I love the texture as well as the shade of this easy grower.

The society garlic is in full bloom
and it is identifiable by its pungent scent.

Bulbine ready to bloom...

and on its way.
Adore this heat-lover.

The lantana has been attracting lots of butterflies and bees.

The morning glories are such a welcome sight
each day by the back door.

Lillies started opening up this weekend.

This is growing in the back bed,
but I can't for the life of me remember what it is.

The peanuts are starting to make their way around the border.

Johnny Jump-Ups grown from saved seed.

We have quite a few peace lily plants inside and out.

Reusing old containers brings out the whimsy 
of our gardening efforts.

I hope that spring has graced your homestead
so that you can create your dream garden
 be it with veggies, an orchard, ornamentals
or anything your heart desires.

Go forth and plant! 


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