Friday, April 19, 2013

Crispy Catfish (gf)

We are making a concerted effort to eat locally.
Our produce and eggs are about as local as you can get,
but it also applies to meat and seafood.
While we haven't found a local source of fish and meat,
we try to pay attention to the source of these other food products.
We recently learned that catfish is one of the types of seafood
raised here in the USA.
We usually eat fish once a week,
so it's good to know that we are supporting the local(ish) industry.

This easy recipe will give you crispy, tasty fish every time.


Similar to this chicken recipe,
we place cornmeal in one bowl with some spices
(we use salt, garlic powder and paprika)
and a beaten egg in another.
Just dredge the fish in the egg first, then the cornmeal.

I'm tryin' to get into the habit of using our skillet more often.
The iron is absorbed into the food,
which is a bonus for those of us with low iron stores.
Just pan fry the fillets in a bit of olive oil
for a few minutes on each side.

With a side of cornbread and a veg,
you've got a delicious and quick meal.