Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Farm School Week Seven

The days here are getting warmer in a hurry.
Farm School on Saturday started with 
our usual check on what's growing.

The beans should soon be ready for harvest.
They are looking healthy and strong.

Multiple buds on each plant signal
that things are on track.

Some of the favored Celebrity tomatoes
are suffering from some type of worm or other critter.

In hopes of eliminating the problem,
Faye & Lynn used diatomaceous earth on the crops.

Several of these beauties are starting to turn color.

There is ample sunshine and circulation in this part of the garden.
These containers house peppers, beets, chard, broccoli, 
and an assortment of herbs.

A sea of pea vines.

I'm gettin' hungry...

The squash blossoms are lookin' good.

We worked on transplanting some eggplant this week.
Lynn also reiterated how important it is to keep accurate records.
Well, that's rubbing off on me,
'cause I'm doing that at home
even though my garden isn't a quarter of his.

Gorgeous blooms are provided at every turn.

The neighbors' draft horses sometimes come over for a visit.

Gorgeous creatures!

One of my requests this week was parsley.
After it's brought home, it gets gently washed
and whizzed in the food processor.
I freeze it in jars so that I always have some on hand.

Lynn let me cut my own bunch.
I wish you could smell this stuff!

I also got to harvest my own eggplant and beets.
What's better than pickin' your own food fresh from the garden?

Lynn has all these tricks up his sleeve.

These buckets have handles with a plastic piece that cracks over time.
That makes it difficult to carry anything substantial,
as the metal handle digs into your skin without the extra support.

Duct tape to the rescue!

Lynn winds the duct tape around the metal handle
so that it serves as a cushion.
He prefers the one on the left.
You use whatcha got.

The things I'm learning here are being applied at home,
although the set up is a bit modified.
Just knowing that Faye & Lynn are successful farmers
helps me to feel that I can be too.
One thing that I try to convey to them
is that they are accomplishing an extraordinary feat.
Providing food for others is a remarkable achievement.
Being willing to teach your craft to others is phenomenal.

I plan to pass it on...

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