Monday, March 18, 2013

Farm School-Week Three

This week in Farm School we did some cleaning up,
but most of the lessons consisted of observation.
Lynn's been busy creating more space for growing.
The first stop was the kale/okra/Swiss chard area.

Here's how it looked a couple of weeks ago.
The cinder blocks were moved to make a more expansive formation.
(Can I tell you how thrilled I am 
that I figured out how to add arrows to my pix?)

Here's how it looks now.
It's so easy to get in and between the rows
without all of the stooping required from a traditional garden plot.

Everything's coming along...

including the okra that we planted last week.
Oh, yeah.

The reseeded snap peas are doing well.

Look at 'em go!

Loaded with blooms,
these are ripe for the pickin'.
You know I came home with a bagful!

Alas, the eggplant are just about spent.
I've been allowed to pick my own from the remaining crop.
We tore out the plants with withering fruit.
Not to worry, there are new plants coming along
that will be ready for harvest within weeks.

The leeks are growing strong.
Can't wait for the first bite of these tasty treats.

With herbs like this, who needs ornamentals?

We don't use a lot of dill,
but this plant is worthy of space in the garden.

One of the areas that Faye and Lynn schooled me on
is their irrigation system.

It's quite a set up.
Overhead sprayers do a proper job of watering the garden
as well as protecting plants from a freeze.

They have invested in quality materials
which make the job of controlling the water 
much easier and more efficient.

See the cork?
It's used to keep spiders and yukkity-yuks from clogging up the line.
Genius, I tell ya!

This filter works to keep the top of the sprinklers clear.
All of these measures keep the system running smoothly.

These sprayers cover a whole lotta territory.

A newfound love of mine.

Got dirty beets?

 Here's the high-tech way to take care of that.


Let me tell ya, life is good. 

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