Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Tuesday Tidings-For the Birds

While cleaning up the garage this weekend,
I came across this bird feeder we had acquired a while back.
It was a homeschooling project we never got around to.

  The base comes with instructions.
We saved one of Big K's 2-liter bottles.
Other sizes can be used too.
Bird seed was found recently for a reasonable price.

The base piece is made from recycled plastic.

The funnel we have is a bit narrow,
so it didn't work as well as we'd hoped.

A piece of scrap paper rolled into a cone shape 
does the trick.

The base gets screwed onto the bottle.

Turn it over and  

The handle snaps off of the base component...

and is inserted through small slots 
made with a craft knife.

"Come and get it!"

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