Thursday, March 21, 2013

Thrifty Thursday-All Keyed Up

Earlier this month,
we repurposed a cabinet door from a kitchen project.

We turned it into a key corral.
I hadn't decided what I wanted in the blank white space.
Adding vintage to our home appealed to me,
and it needed to be a quick solution.
Decoupage seemed like the way to go.

Just a few materials were needed.

We always have butcher paper left over from packages we receive.
It was smoothed out just a bit.

Then the sides were creased...

and hand-torn.
We're going for a rustic look.

I laid the piece on the cabinet door to check for size.
Yup, that'll do.

 A vintage picture was found on a free online clipart source.
It was copied and printed out on computer paper.

 Then I checked to see if I liked the combination of rustic paper
and clean lines of the photograph.
Nope, it needed some tweaking.
(I'm not much for straight lines.)

 Using craft scissors,
the edges of the picture were trimmed.

Yeah, I like the contrast better this way.

The adhesive was placed on the butcher paper.
I left the wrinkles 'cause I liked it that way.
Gives it more character.
(At least, that's what I keep telling myself about wrinkles!)

Then the photo was glued onto the butcher paper.
Just eyeball it.
It's supposed to look handmade!

A few coats of adhesive over the whole thing
adds a sepia-type tone to it.
You could probably use the spray adhesive,
if that's what you have on hand.

Hope you have time to craft something useful soon!

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