Friday, March 8, 2013

Fridge Free

Lately, I've been reading a lot of posts about folks' refrigerators.

Bloggers have been writing about cleaning them,
organizing them, adding cute little doo-dads to 'em.

I guess I've had fridge on the brain.

This is our fridge.
We paid a little extra for it when we bought the house.
It's a side-by-side and it's a decent size for three people.
We cook from scratch around here,
so there's always something homemade in it.

The freezer section, on the other hand, is another story.

When things are on sale at our grocery store, I buy in bulk.
It saves money and we always have what we need on hand.

 I also cook things ahead.
Keeping cooked beans and homemade broth in the freezer
helps me to add nourishment to every dish.

 This is Lil' Guy's gluten-free bread.
I'm so thrilled that we found one that agrees with him
and that actually tastes good!
In the coffee tub is what we've been keeping our compost scraps in,
before it heads out to the garden.
It works, but it sure was getting crowded in there.

And then something amazing happened...

Remember how I said I had "freezer on the brain"?
Well, I've always wanted the type of fridge with the freezer on the bottom.
Guess what?

Our neighbor gave us this.
I had just casually mentioned to her one day
that in our next house we'd probably get a freezer 
with the door below.

 Well, now we have one.
These neighbors have been such a blessing to us.
We cook for each other,  bring each other sweet treats
and just keep an eye on things when one of us is away.
They have the sweetest, smartest lil' Yorkie 
you ever did meet.
We'll miss them when we move north.

We have no need for a beer fridge in the garage
(neither one of us drinks alcohol),
but we've got a start on our new kitchen.
I'm taking it as a sign that our big move is close at hand.

Hoping you have wonderful neighbors where you live.

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  1. I recently revamped our fridge! We had a side-by-side but I hated it. It didn't have enough space for me! I wanted a french door but it was out of price range. Now we're back to a good old fashioned fridge and it's much easier to maintain. :)

    1. The side-by-side just seemed too cramped. Glad it worked out for you!

  2. How awesome! When we moved into our house we bought a new fridge with a bottom freezer drawer and I really love it. Congrats on the new fridge!

    1. Thanks. Good to know it is workin' for you.

  3. Yay! I love those fridges, they make so much sense. Hoping your move comes soon! And good neighbors - indispensable! I was just planning a plant start swap with my neighbor (and friend, and daycare provider!) this morning - I grow extra onion starts for her and she grows extra broccoli starts for me! Especially without close family nearby, good neighbors are the best!

    1. How fun-a plant swap! What a great arrangement! I might steal that idea when we move, Katy! Enjoy your weekend!

  4. Just because the fridge is in the garage doesn't mean you need to put beer in it! I have an extra fridge/freezer in my garage, and it's just full of frozen jams and a few convenience items (yes, I've got chicken nuggets from Costco, sometimes you just have one of those days), the fridge is full of the week's milk, the months' cream (until I turn it into butter), however much cheese and eggs I've managed to stockpile, yogurt/cream cheese/sour cream/whatever that will last months and months unopened in said fridge, and yeah. Helps a nice amount with buying ahead of buying things on sale at rock bottom prices. :D

    1. For sure! Whatever works for you. I will be able to stock up on Cabot cheese when it's on sale! Whoo-hoo!


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